• Assassin

    Agile champions that close in and take out unsuspecting targets in the blink of an eye. However, they must pick their opportunities carefully since a high-octane offense comes at the cost of low defense and long waits between takedown attempts.

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  • Fighter

    Versatile champions that can take on the role of damage dealer or defender of more fragile teammates. They occupy a happy medium between the massive damage of a Marksman or Mage and the prolonged survivability of a Tank that lets them adapt to various situations.

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  • Mage

    Volatile champions that cast high-impact spells with various effects, which can include damage, healing, stuns, and more. They are fragile, however, so accuracy and timing are often key to keeping themselves, and teammates, alive.

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  • Marksman

    These champions deal large amounts of consistent, rapid-fire damage to enemies from a safe distance. They often employ the help of Supports to stay alive, as they are fragile and require time to build up their attack strength over the course of a game.

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  • Support

    These champions provide lots of utility and set up teams to succeed with practical skills, such as heals, shields, stuns, and more. They often set the stage to lay traps and avoid ambushes, and depend on teammates to deal the majority of the damage.

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  • Tank

    Robust champions that can withstand the front lines of conflict, but often don't do much damage themselves. They focus on starting fights, taking hits, and drawing attention away from the fragile damage-dealers on the team, who can finish off the preoccupied enemies.

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