2016 All-Star Event: A Rift of Ice and Fire

The final day of All-Star features mixed matchups of the Fire and Ice squads as they try to claim victory for their side. Here are ten things to know about the history of Ice and Fire.
2 years ago

A Seriously Not Serious Guide: ASE 1v1 Tournament

If Worlds was the definitive tournament to crown the year’s best team, then this 1v1 tournament is going to crown the year’s most tryhard, diehard, and supafly hard player. This tournament goes to you, Riven mains and Yasuo mains and cocky ADC mains. Here’s a comprehensive, opinion-driven, fact-optional analysis of the bracket.
2 years ago

Are you Fire or Ice?

Are you a burning hot flame ready to smoke out your opponents or is your style more of an icy touch that will freeze the heat out of your enemies? Show your support of your favorite pros during the 2016 All-Star Event on the Rift.
2 years ago

Meet your 2016 All-Stars!

All-Stars voting has wrapped up thanks to the 7.5 million people who tuned in to throw their support behind their favorite players. These are the regions and players which will attend the 2016 All-Stars Event in Barcelona, Spain which begins on December 8th! It’s a clash between Team Fire and Team Ice as the elements battle to determine whether it’s hot or it’s cold. Let’s meet the players and see what each region’s representatives brings to the table.
2 years ago

Tune in Friday, starting at 10AM PST

We’re counting down the last day of the Impact Challenge during a 24-hour livestream!
2 years ago

How to get your 2016 All-Star Tickets

The 2016 World Championship might be over but prepare for some mayhem with the 2016 All-Star Event! This year we’ll be bringing the show to Barcelona, Spain on December 8-11 at the Palau Sant Jordi. Get ready to witness an international competition on a whole other level. Here’s everything you need to know to grab your tickets and get involved in the action.
2 years ago

Cast Your All-Star Votes Now!

It’s time to choose who you want to see at the 2016 All-Star event. Cast your vote today!
2 years ago

Join in the Riot Impact Challenge

Join in Riot’s first Impact Challenge and help us support four non-profit projects while unlocking unique All-Star Event rewards.
2 years ago

2016 All-Star Event Heads to Barcelona

Hold onto your snowballs, because there will be mayhem. Celebrate 2016 with your favorite pros, champions and game modes when the 2016 League Of Legends All-Star Event comes to Barcelona, Spain.
2 years ago

Victory forged in fire

We honor those who shattered ice and stood beside the blazing moon.
3 years ago