Watch “Legends Never Die”

The pursuit of mastery is an endless journey, but those who persevere etch their names in history.
1 month ago

Champion Update: Ashe update heading to live!

Having successfully passed through the PBE’s security scanners, Ashe’s update is all but ready to head out onto live alongside patch 5.9. Read on for the details!
2 years ago

Champion Update: Ashe takes aim at PBE

Another old timer within League’s ever-deepening champion pool, Ashe has seen almost six years shoot by with her launch kit largely intact. Until now! We’re not rebuilding her from the ground up, but we have made some pretty meaningful changes to her abilities all intended to solidify Ashe as League’s premier utility carry. Finally, we’re also sliding in a couple of small tweaks to give her opponents more ways to play against her. Read on for a rundown of her new moves!
2 years ago

Wardens against Marauders in neverending battle

One side razes everything just for fun. The other side obliterates entire nations to uphold the law. Unfortunately, there’s no third side.
2 years ago

Heartseeker Ashe and Bouquet ward skin available!

Valentine’s massacres litter the Rift with Frozen Hearts and dashed hopes.
3 years ago

Champion Spotlight: Ashe, the Frost Archer

With the Freljord event coming to a close, this edition of the Champion Spotlight focuses on one of the leaders of the three tribes. Take aim with a giant frozen arrow and focus your enemies into frigid oblivion as Ashe, the Frost Archer.
4 years ago