Champ select upgrades incoming

We’re making some quality-of-life changes to champ select: simultaneous draft, sorting by mastery, filter by position -- all coming in the next few patches!
2 years ago

Queue up in new champion select this week!

New champion select rolling out in Normal and Ranked Draft! GLHF!
3 years ago

New champ select replaces Team Builder

Since introducing the experimental Team Builder queue back in 2013, we’ve been analyzing and re-thinking the best way to get into a game of League. The lessons we learned from Team Builder directly impacted the development of new champ select. As a result, when new champ select goes live, we’ll disable the Team Builder queue.
3 years ago

New champion select roundtable

We’re introducing an all-new way to build a team and enter a game of League during the 2016 season. Delve into the design behind new champion select with three of the game designers who brought it to life.
3 years ago

Check out the new champ select Q&A!

Click here for stories from the Rioters behind the design of the new champ select system.
3 years ago

New champ select Q&A November 12

If you’re looking to lock in more info on new champ select, head over to the designer Q&A at 11 AM PST on November 12! Some of the Rioters behind the new system will be on hand to answer your questions and share the details behind the design.
3 years ago