Ask Riot: Bugs and Dances

How we find and fix bugs, champions’ dances, and what it’s like to be swallowed by Tahm Kench.
18 hours ago

Battlecast Illaoi: Preproduction

An update on the upcoming updates.
2 days ago

Be Your Best Santa: Snowdown 2017 Event Trailer

Santa Draven, Ambitious Elf Jinx, and Snow Fawn Poppy step up to help Santa Braum with this year’s Snowdown festivities. But with Jinx and Draven at the frontlines, the celebrations could easily snowball into shenanigans! The Snowdown 2017 event runs from 12/12/17 – 1/8/18.
2 days ago

Learn more: Snowdown 2017 Event

Learn more about the new skins, missions, emotes, capsules, and game mode coming to Snowdown 2017, which runs from 12/12/17 – 1/8/18.
2 days ago

New Weekly Comic - Crystal Quest

ARTeapot spins up a tale of hammers and sorcery starring Sejuani, Jayce, Karthus, and Bard!
3 days ago

New Hextech-Exclusive skin: Hextech Kog’Maw

Bring joy (and firepower) to your household with Hextech Kog'Maw, available now for 10 gemstones.
1 week ago

Ask Riot: Religion and Leblanc

Religion in Runeterra, an update on Leblanc, and Cassiopeia's lack of shoes.
2 weeks ago

Varus: New Bio

Who was Varus before the fall—and what will he become after?
2 weeks ago

The Story Behind Varus: Retribution

Go behind the scenes of Varus: Retribution with the Rioters who brought the new darkin warrior to life.
2 weeks ago

Varus: As We Fall (Music Video)

Part 2 of the Retribution arc.
2 weeks ago