Zed: Issue #1

In Ionia, a land steeped in tradition and still reeling from war, the once honorable warrior named Zed leads a band of assassins. After Zed murdered their master, his childhood friend Shen has taken a different path, inheriting his father’s former mantle as the Eye of Twilight and maintaining magical balance in Ionia. But when Zed is lured back to a village where he and Shen once encountered a great evil, a brutal killer from their past resurfaces: the magically gifted psychopath Khada Jhin!
2 days ago

Akali's New Clothing Line

Akali's new clothing line drops soon. Don't miss out. Buy the exclusive launch piece - available only for a limited time. Full collection dropping December 4th, 2019.
1 week ago

Senna Short Story: The Voices of the Dead

Read Senna’s short story on Universe.
1 week ago

Senna: The Redeemer | Champion Spotlight

For the living. For the dead.
1 week ago

Zed Comic Series Preview

The Zed comic series is right around the corner with issue 1 releasing November 20, 2019!
1 week ago

Senna & Lucian DUO Figure Set

Senna, The Redeemer is back from her imprisonment within Thresh's lantern. Rejoined with Lucian, both are ready to find the Ruined King, and stop him at any cost. These two are now available as our newest DUO Figure Set.
1 week ago

Champion Insights: Senna

More than just that dude’s dead wife.
3 weeks ago

Senna Champion Theme

The official champion theme for Senna, the Redeemer.
3 weeks ago

Harrowing Team Minis Set

Choose to slay zombies with Jinx & Pantheon, create mischief with Teemo & Tristana, or rule the underworld with Wukong.
4 weeks ago

Cosplay Tutorial: CutiePieSensei

Bring Senna to life with this advanced tutorial from CutiePieSensei Cosplay.
4 weeks ago