Last chance for Dark Star Cho’Gath

Support local nonprofits with Dark Star Cho’Gath before he leaves the store on August 10, 2018.
1 year ago

Support local nonprofits with Dark Star Cho’Gath

Feed the abyss as Dark Star Cho’Gath, available until August 10, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. PT. 100% of proceeds during this time will go to nonprofit organizations around the world.
1 year ago

Making Dark Star Cho’Gath

Look behind the scenes on the making of Dark Star Cho’Gath with Bryan, a League player who visited Riot in 2017 through our partnership with The Make-A-Wish Foundation.
1 year ago

Patch 7.4: Cho’s Fancy Feast

Last week’s patch brought a suite of adjustments to Cho’Gath’s ultimate, Feast.
2 years ago

Become the apex predator with Prehistoric skins

Teach your enemies a lesson on extinction with Prehistoric Cho’Gath, Prehistoric Anivia, and Prehistoric Renekton.
4 years ago

Champion & skin sale: 5.28 - 5.31

These champions and skins are on sale for a limited time.
6 years ago