Collegiate Game Changers: UT Austin

UT Austin demonstrates excellence with their ability to grow a massive community, throw the largest annual League of Legends collegiate spectacle and make history with the first-ever live collegiate national championship.
5 years ago

Collegiate Game Changers: Georgia Tech

Known as Georgia Tech League of Legends, this collegiate organization has grown a massive community both in the university and around their region through collaboration with local schools, annual conventions and a home-grown national shoutcasting community.
6 years ago

Collegiate Game Changers: UBC

The UBC Esports Association calls Vancouver home and embodies the city’s friendly and welcoming culture brilliantly this year with a blend of eager leadership and a variety of engagement options for players of any skill level.
6 years ago

Collegiate Game Changers – UC Irvine

UC Irvine have built a dynasty of League of Legends Esports excellence with three consecutive national titles. The team’s true strength, though, is anchored in their secret weapon: Their school’s passionate and growing League of Legends community.
6 years ago

Collegiate Game Changers – Ohio State

Ohio State’s League of Legends community aims to help the next generation of players succeed on the Fields of Justice and off. The Esports Initiative and BuckeyeLAN lead the charge in different ways, but the goal remains the same.
6 years ago