Ashe: Warmother Trade Paperback

The first full-length comic series in the League of Legends universe, delivering an epic journey through the Freljord! Includes Ashe:Warmother Issues #1 - #4. Now available on the Riot Games Merch store.
1 week ago

Lux | Comic Series Preview

In the shining city of Demacia, order reigns. The realm is safe and the people are happy—unless you’re a mage. In a place where magic is outlawed, Luxanna Crownguard must hide who she truly is when she begins to exhibit magical powers.
1 month ago

Ashe: Warmother Issue #1

In Ashe: Warmother, the first League of Legends comic from the partnership between Marvel and Riot Games, we return to Ashe’s origins where she is burdened by her mother’s expectations. As she sets out on a quest to discover the truth behind an ancient Freljord myth, bonds will be broken, secrets will come to light, and Runeterra will be forever changed.
5 months ago

/dev diary: League Comics and Marvel

We’re partnering with Marvel Comics to work on multiple new series set in the world of Runeterra!
5 months ago

Comic: Ryze: The Burning Lands

Ryze confronts a fragment of his past—and ignites a battle for an ancient power.
10 months ago

Who is Riven? Illustrated Bio

Read about Riven in one page.
1 year ago

Who is Yasuo? Illustrated Bio

Read about Yasuo in one page.
1 year ago

New Champion Comic - Kai’Sa: Breach

Hunter or prey? The lines get blurred when Kai’Sa must hunt down a pack of deadly predators.
1 year ago

Varus: As We Fall (Music Video)

Part 2 of the Retribution arc.
1 year ago

Varus: Retribution

Witness the incarnation of vengeance across a music video and two comics.
1 year ago