Ask Riot: Gifting and Ohmwrecker

Ohmwrecker, 2-for-1 rune page sales, and the gifting animation.
1 day ago

The Climb | Season Start 2018 Trailer

The 2018 season is here. Take the first step and begin your climb.
5 days ago

Ask Riot: The Meta & Ward Slots

Killing-spree bounties, control ward slots, and intentionally changing the meta.
1 week ago

Ask Riot: New Year’s Resolutions

What are League teams focusing on in 2018?
2 weeks ago

New Weekly Comic - Crystal Quest

ARTeapot spins up a tale of hammers and sorcery starring Sejuani, Jayce, Karthus, and Bard!
2 weeks ago

Ask Riot: Movie? Honor Opponents? URF?

Hiring more devs, URF, a League movie, honoring opponents, and eating poros.
3 weeks ago

Ask Riot: URF

URF, poros, and poro snax.
4 weeks ago

Ask Riot: Bugs and Dances

How we find and fix bugs, champions’ dances, and what it’s like to be swallowed by Tahm Kench.
1 month ago

Ask Riot: Ping and a Stolen Key

Checking ping in-client, grammar, and where Zoe’s key came from.
1 month ago

Ask Riot: Longest Game Ever

Adaptive damage, Yasuo’s spoken language, and the longest ranked game on record.
1 month ago