Creator Spotlight: Adrian

Learn the ins and outs of being a challenger top laner with Adrian, and hopefully pick up some tips to improve your Riven mechanics too!
9 months ago

League Director - replay camera tool

Capture your big plays in a new light. League Director is free to download now.
9 months ago

Ask Riot: Game Modes & Metals

An update on rotating game modes, metal alloys in Runeterra, and creating Awaken.
9 months ago

Lohpally: Challenger Support Extraordinaire

Lohpally, former League pro and Challenger Twitch streamer, teaches you how to win at support and make friends along the way.
9 months ago

Ask Riot: Does Sion Stink?

And other lore questions: What’s a bald poro look like? Does Darius even like Draven? What is Pix?
11 months ago

Yougelly? You will be.

Get jelly with Sally “yougelly” Ye, a challenger mid lane monster and League Partner Program streamer.
11 months ago

Ask Riot: Honor and Wish Lists

Plus, will every champion eventually need an update? And what percentage of players play Ranked?
11 months ago

Snowdown Fan Art Video

Come inside for a piping hot cup of kickass Snowdown fan art from the League of Legends community.
11 months ago

Ask Riot: Neeko Edition

Scrapped abilities, concept art, eggs, and more.
11 months ago

Last chance to get League loot with Twitch Prime

For a limited time, get a Summoner's Crown Capsule containing a legendary-tier skin shard with Twitch Prime. If you're not already signed up for Twitch Prime, you can start a free trial today. Promotion ends 12/12.
1 year ago