PAX West cosplay video

Follow PAX Sivir and Beat Down Boogie as they share all the amazing cosplay we saw at PAX West!
1 year ago

Anime Expo 2017 Cosplay Boogie

Dance along with the amazing League of Legends cosplayers from Anime Expo in this latest community collab with Beat Down Boogie!
2 years ago

Journey of a Cosplayer

We interviewed Kadeem of Kadu=Out Cosplay about what goes into prepping cosplay for a big event.
2 years ago

Cosplay Lab is here!

Creators join us for 3 days of fun and learning around the theory, craft, and art of cosplay.
2 years ago

Fan Artist Feature: Danielle Beaulieu

Next we have an artist who’s been cosplaying for over ten years, and has worked on more than fifteen League costumes, including Elementalist Lux!
2 years ago

Elementalist Lux cosplay showcase

Cosplayers across the globe teamed up to tackle all ten of Elementalist Lux’s forms. Check it out here!
2 years ago

PAX East cosplay recap

From the Cospitality Room to the uLoL showcase, join us in celebrating the amazing League cosplayers at PAX East this year!
3 years ago

Meet the fans in London

With Worlds 2015 arriving in London, we head out into the cold to meet the fans before the Fnatic-EDG match.
3 years ago

Summer lives on in the Pool Party cosplay gallery!

Enemies on the Rift, friends around the pool! These cosplayers threw parties to show what their favorite champions get up to during the summer season.
3 years ago

Cosplayers, the Pool Party challenge is here!

Team up and get the pool party started right. Take a dynamic, splash-art inspired photo where it looks like everyone’s just been caught in the middle of having an epic pool party. Recipe for killer cosplay: just add water!
4 years ago