Dunkmaster Darius XL Figure

"The dunk prophecies are true. Darius has arrived." Darius jukes his way into the Series 3 lineup as Special Edition #10 XL to introduce his own Dunkmaster Collection.
3 months ago

Anime Inspired Collection

Darius, Blitzcrank, and Jinx team up in this anime inspired line featuring new tees, hodie, and dad hat.
5 months ago

Ask Riot: Executes and SSG Skins

Choosing the World Championship Team skins, cleansing suppressions, and Pyke’s execute indicator.
1 year ago

Surviving in Noxus /dev diary

Whren and Ant in Oz take you to Runeterra’s most brutal region: Noxus.
1 year ago

Stand with Noxus, and be remembered forever

Crushed and forgotten are those who stand against Noxus. But for those who seek triumph and glory...
1 year ago

Darius: Blood of Noxus

When a rebellion pits Darius against the person closest to him, he learns the price of loyalty to Noxus is blood.
2 years ago

New loot: Dreadnova Darius

Decimate the cosmos with this loot-exclusive skin.
2 years ago

New chromas this month

Choose your shade with new chromas for Dunkmaster Darius and Headmistress Fiora.
2 years ago

An official memo from the Dean of the Academy

The following students are hereby suspended henceforth for poor attitudes, vandalism of school property, and violent behavior in addition to other heinous infractions too numerous to list.
3 years ago

The Dunktown Express

The backboard is broken. The hoop is a shredded pile of burning rope. Craters dot the arena as Dunkmaster Darius stands before a panel of journalists and answers the all-important question: What’s your secret? The world may not survive his answer.
4 years ago