League client update Q&A coming 11/17

As the League Client update open beta rolls out, the devs get ready to take your questions in the League subreddit at 1 PM PDT on 11/17.
2 years ago

Catch-up what happened on the Assassins AMA

The Champion Update Team did a Q&A on Reddit last Wednesday(11/09) - catch-up the hottest answers from the Devs!
2 years ago

Check out Elementalist Lux!

Check out Elementalist Lux as she blasts her way through Summoner’s Rift!
2 years ago

Ask Riot: Easter eggs and books

This week, we’re talking easter eggs and books.
2 years ago

/dev: Champion Prototypes

Champions take strange forms on the road to release.
2 years ago

Check out the pre-season changes!

Riot designers will be stopping by to answer your questions about the pre-season changes.
2 years ago

Be a friend. Join Ivern's Q&A!

Explore the wild unknown of the boards with Ivern's creators to learn more about the Green Father.
2 years ago

AMA: League Design Director Ghostcrawler

League of Legends Design Director Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street took to Reddit to answer your questions.
3 years ago