Worlds Pick’em is Coming!

Pick’em is returning for the 2019 World Championship! Go head-to-head against friends, casters and the rest of the League community to see who really knows their stuff or is blessed with luck. If your picks pan out, you’ll walk away with an exclusive Pick’em Poro icon and if you’re actually a prophet and get every single pick correct, you’ll snag every Ultimate skin in the game!
3 weeks ago

Worlds 2019 Primer

Learn more about the 2019 League of Legends World Championship in Europe.
1 month ago

Pro View: Leveling up the Esports Viewing Experience

Pro View will give fans greater control of their viewing experience and the ability to follow individual players through a suite of long-requested features.
4 months ago

Trials Update: Week One

You have three more weeks to get in the game.
5 months ago

Limited Edition MSI Trials Mousepads

Each house stands strong. The trials begin. Rep your house with official Limited Edition Trials 2019 Mousepads featuring the house crests of The Council, The United, The Faceless, and The Warband.
5 months ago

Represent: LCS | 2019 Mid-Season Invitational

Taking North America one step further. Watch Jensen and Team Liquid represent the LCS at MSI 2019.
5 months ago

Meet the teams competing at MSI 2019

13 regional champions will battle for the trophy. These are your MSI 2019 teams.
5 months ago

2019 Spring Split Icons

With Spring Split underway, be sure to support your team with their summoner icon! They are available in the Store for 250 RP until April 23 11:59 PM PT.
8 months ago

Watch Rewards Return for the 2019 Season

Earn icons, emotes and blue essence for watching esports on
9 months ago

10 thoughts going into Semifinals

Against all odds, three Western teams have made it to the Semifinals. Here’s 10 thoughts!
12 months ago