Worlds Top 20

Deficio, Jatt, and Papasmithy have made their selections for the top players at Worlds 2018.
7 months ago

Lock Your Group Stage Picks!

Log in and make your selections before the Group Stage begins on Oct. 10 at 1:00 AM PT.
7 months ago

2018 All-Star Event Announcement

This December we’re bringing back the All-Star Event in a new format with an emphasis on celebrating the things that fans love about League: the game, the community, and the competition. Get ready for All-Star 2018, an esports event experience like no other.
7 months ago

Worlds Pick’em is Coming!

Pick’em is returning for the 2018 World Championship! Go head-to-head against friends, casters and the rest of the League community to see whose powers of prediction will reign supreme. If your picks pan out, you’ll walk away with awesome rewards exclusive to this year’s event.
7 months ago

RISE: Worlds 2018 Community Creator Spotlight

We gave select community creators from around the World a sneak peek at our Worlds 2018 music video, RISE, to bring it to life in their own ways. Check out what they’ve created.
7 months ago

Making the 2017 SSG Worlds skins

Go behind the scenes of the 2017 Worlds skins, created in collaboration with Samsung Galaxy.
10 months ago

2018 NA LCS Spring Finals Tee

The spring title is on the line in Miami. Grab the official shirt online for a limited time.
1 year ago

Fantasy LCS is live

Start your journey towards esports glory with Fantasy LCS. Make your picks now.
1 year ago

LoL Esports Events by the Numbers 2017

A look back at some of the most significant highlights from international competition in 2017.
1 year ago

Relive the biggest moments of All-Star 2017

Relive the biggest moments of All-Star 2017.
1 year ago