The Year of the LPL

Invictus Gaming crowns the LPL’s dominant year with a World Championship title.
1 week ago

2018 Worlds Moments and Memories

Take a look at the biggest moments that defined this year’s unforgettable World Championship!
2 weeks ago

NA Cloud9 vs EU Fnatic

Cloud9 versus Fnatic. NA versus EU. A classic rivalry match to decide the last spot in the World Championship Finals.
2 weeks ago

The Dive: Finals & The Best in the West

This week on The Dive the gang are joined by Papasmithy to go deep on the Worlds 2018 Finals between Fnatic and Invictus Gaming.
2 weeks ago

Make Them Remember You: Finals

The top two League of Legends teams in the world will take the stage on Saturday, November 3rd at 12:30 AM PT to etch their names in history.
3 weeks ago

2018 World Championship Semifinals Tease

The 2018 World Championship Semifinals begin Oct. 27 at 1AM PT / 10AM CEST with Invictus Gaming facing off against G2 Esports in the first Best-of-5 match of the day.
3 weeks ago

Watch the Worlds Music Video “RISE Remix”

Reaching the peak takes more than skill. Only those with the ambition to RISE above all others will know its height.
3 weeks ago

New Epic skins: Tales from the Rift 2018

Welcome to the spooky intermission for the Worlds Season 2018 Event, featuring Bewitching Janna, Trick or Treat Ekko, and Count Kledula.
3 weeks ago

10 thoughts going into Semifinals

Against all odds, three Western teams have made it to the Semifinals. Here’s 10 thoughts!
3 weeks ago