New Legendary Skin: Galaxy Slayer Zed

A shadow falls over the heavens.
5 days ago

Cats VS Dogs - Skins Trailer

Leave it all on the show floor.
3 weeks ago

9.6: Lore Update

In this Lore Update, a new short story for Xin Zhao and coverage of Ashe: Warmother take the lead.
1 month ago

Challenger Rewards Update for Season 2018

Updates on the Challenger backpacks for Season 2018.
1 month ago

2019 Spring Split Icons

With Spring Split underway, be sure to support your team with their summoner icon! They are available in the Store for 250 RP until April 23 11:59 PM PT.
2 months ago

Learn more: Lunar Revel 2019

Fortune favors the lucky! Celebrate the Year of the Pig with bundles, loot, and missions for Lunar Revel, which runs from January 28, 2019 at 8:00 AM PT – March 4, 2019 at 11:59 PM PT.
2 months ago

Epic skins trailer: Lunar Revel 2019

Celebrate the Year of the Pig with new Lunar Revel skins for Sejuani, Vayne, Sylas, and Tahm Kench.
2 months ago

Esports in Season 2019

Join Magus and Bradmore for a look at the future of Worlds, MSI, and college esports.
2 months ago

Skins in Season 2019

Join IAmCarlos as he reveals which themes will show up in 2019—and which champs will finally get another skin.
2 months ago

Universe in Season 2019

Join Ghostcrawler for a preview of where Runeterra is heading and which stories you’ll see next.
2 months ago