Clash: August 2018 update

Clash is heading back to PBE for three focused tests. We’re implementing a staggered scouting phase to spread out game starts, running through an optimized game flow, and testing out new tools to recover games.
2 hours ago

Patch 8.16 Notes

Tank get some buffs, burst runes lose damage, and Zoe sees nerfs.
2 days ago

League of Stats

Stats is live in your profile! See how you stack up against pros and friends to level up your game.
1 week ago

Patch 8.15 Notes

New Akali, plus Fizz and Irelia follow-up.
2 weeks ago

League Friends - Now with News

The League Friends mobile app has been updated to include the latest League of Legends news.
3 weeks ago

New emotes for Lee Sin, Leona, and Zed

Show your team how you really feel with Now See Here, Are You Serious, and Squee, available now for 350 RP each. Grab all three in the Caring Teammate bundle for 750 RP, available until August 1, 2018.
4 weeks ago

Patch 8.14 notes

This one's for the Teleporters.
1 month ago

Ranked rewards require Honor 2

Reminder: this year, your ranked rewards will require a minimum of Honor level 2.
1 month ago

/dev: The Future of Clash

Clash is delayed. Let’s talk about what’s next.
1 month ago

Patch 8.13 notes

Aatrox rework, Marksman buffs, and Irelia and Pyke changes.
1 month ago