The Baron Steal: FNC Broxah

FNC Broxah talks about the art of the Baron steal and Fnatic’s chances in Paris.
1 year ago

Eyes on MSI: Fnatic’s Future

After reclaiming the EU LCS trophy, Fnatic looks to carry their momentum into the Mid-Season Invitational.
1 year ago

Worlds Classics: The Comeback

Jatt and Gogoing recount OMG’s epic comeback vs. FNC in one of the closest games in Worlds history.
2 years ago

KOO and Fnatic clash in Semis

Final day of Semifinals hosts an explosive match-up between Fnatic and KOO Tigers.
3 years ago

Daily Recap: FNC

See what Fnatic's Rekkles had to say about competing at the Worlds Quarterfinals.
3 years ago

Playing to a home crowd

What's it like to play in the world's biggest League tournament in your home country?
3 years ago

Daily Recap: Fnatic

See how Fnatic fared in the next step of their journey through the 2015 World Championship.
3 years ago

The Final Fight – Season 1 Champ Fnatic

Later this month, a new champion will hoist the Summoner’s Cup. We asked previous World Champions to describe the feeling at the exact moment when they knew they’d won it all, starting with Fnatic’s xPeke.
3 years ago

Legacy esports and SSW skins say goodbye for now

The legacy esports and SSW skins head to the vault.
4 years ago

Fnatic Season 1 championship skins are here

Commemorate the first League of Legends World Champions!
4 years ago