Rise up with SKT T1 championship skins

Celebrate the South Korean sensation’s (second) victory at Worlds with SKT T1 champion skins.
2 years ago

Championship Kalista Rises

Arm yourself with a Spear of Vengeance for 975 RP in the League store from September 28 - November 5.
3 years ago

Champion Insights: We are the Spear of Vengeance

Kalista began development when the smoke cleared from Jinx’s launch. The champion team faced a new challenge. Years of female marks(wo)men featured similar shape language and gobs of guns, bows and even bow-guns. A consensus formed: the time had come for a different approach to a female marksman.
4 years ago

Kalista community creations roundup

Behold this ghastly array of Kalista fanart!
4 years ago

The Pledge - Kalista

What would you give up to see vengeance wrought?
4 years ago

Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance, available now

Pledge yourself to the Spear of Vengeance. Kalista walks the Rift.
4 years ago

Kalista Champion Spotlight

The Spear of Vengeance arrives on the Black Mist. Master Kalista, the latest marksman, in this Champion Spotlight.
4 years ago

Kalista Q&A 11/11 at 11AM PST

Curious about Kalista? Check into the Q&A session with the dev team!
4 years ago

Kalista Q&A coming 11/11

The crack team behind Kalista is hopping out of the Black Mist to answer your questions at 11AM on 11/11. Just... don’t ask how Kalista got those spears stuck in her back. It’s a touchy subject for the Spear of Vengeance.
4 years ago

Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance revealed

Treacherously murdered, Kalista rose as a specter, twisted by the horrific power of the Shadow Isles. In death, she offers Runeterrans a proposition: surrender your soul to the Spear of Vengeance and she will exact retribution on your betrayers.
4 years ago