New Bio: Lissandra

Long ago, she sacrificed her sisters to entomb infinite darkness in magical iceā€”ice that now melts.
4 months ago

Welcome to the new age of security

The machines of today will care for the world of tomorrow.
2 years ago

Kneel before Blade Queen Lissandra

A mechanical claw erupts at her ironclad feet, tearing through the dirt towards the rebels cowering before her. Those fortunate enough to survive her gambit find their solace cut short as Lissandra teleports into their midst, beautiful and terrible in all her glory.
4 years ago

Champion and skin sale: 8.27 - 8.30

These champions and skins are on sale for a limited time.
5 years ago

Lissandra and Freljord skins available

The fight for the Freljord has begun, and many champions of the League are ready to join the battle for the northlands.
5 years ago

Champion Spotlight: Lissandra, the Ice Witch

An extremely mobile, mana-efficient mage, Lissandra relies more heavily on crowd control and kiting than raw burst damage. Her unique suite of abilities makes her an excellent choice for either a roaming mid or a safe, self-sufficient top laner in a double AP comp.
5 years ago