Mundo and Evelynn Comic Inspired Hoodies

Mundo and Evelynn make their merch debut with these comic inspired hoodies. Will you choose The Madman of Zaun or The Widowmaker?
6 days ago

Comic Inspired Tees

Fizz, Jayce, and Poppy have arrived to show off their power in these comic inspired tees. Watch the Defender of Tomorrow fight for a brighter tomorrow, join The Kepper of the Hammer on her quest to find the "Hero of Demacia", or assist The Tidal Trickster as he comes to the rescue on these comic inspired tees!
1 week ago

Urf, The Manatee Collectible Plush!

The most famous Manatee in the world makes the grandest of entrances to become #00 in the Collectible Plush line. The line will never be the same. Grab the Limited Edition plush before he is gone.
1 week ago

Become a culinary master with the Chef Urf Set

Urf carried his trusty golden spatula with him wherever he went. It was said that his spatula was the finest in the land. Cook like a king or queen with this authentic gold-plated spatula and Urf apron. Product does not guarantee your food will taste boss only that you will look like one.
1 week ago


Embrace your inner Manatee with the most incredible onesie ever made. Ever. Seriously... Ever. When you become Urf you'll have access to a detachable cross-body minigun and fish sling combo. Two of Urf's favorite possessions. The Urf Onesie is unisex and one size fits most.
3 weeks ago

URF Mode Activate! Introducing Urf (Series 3)

A golden spatula. Narwhals of glory. A wondrous olive crown. Urf is Limited Edition and the king of the Series 3 figure line. When you purchase Urf he comes with a bonus Ultra Random Figure from Series 1 or 2 for free, because that is just how awesome Urf is. URF!
4 weeks ago

Captain Teemo on duty! Series 3 has arrived

There is no one better suited to kick off Series 3 other than the legendary Swift Scout, Teemo. The Series 3 figure line will contain so much awesomeness. New "XL" figures which will celebrate champions that have a slightly bigger story to tell, "DUO" figure sets that contain two connected characters, "CHROMA" figures which are ultra-super-extremely-rare, and snazzy new packaging that will enhance the way you receive Riot Merch figures. We're pretty hyped and hope you are too!
1 month ago

Find out what's hiding in our new Pocket Tees!

Our new tees bring a surprise in every pocket. Have a party with Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, feel the power of friendship with Nunu and Willump, climb mountains with Wukong, or hang out with Ahri, Kindred, or Renekton.
1 month ago

Become The Tidal Trickster and yell shark!

Because everyone dreams of becoming an epic amphibious yordle.
1 month ago

Bear hug! Now in XL plush form

Annie has summoned Tibbers as a new XL Plush! It comes with even more fluffiness and cuddles
1 month ago