Braum is now Unlocked

Braum leaps into the Unlocked series as the first XL edition and #06 in the series. Pre-order now to lock him in your collection! Stand behind this magnificient statue, Braum ships in August 2018.
2 days ago

Welcome to the Jungle is ending December 6

Welcome to the Jungle is ending soon! Our largest Merch event of the year. Navigate the jungle and discover new products, get two figures for $30 (excludes Limited Edition Meowkai and PROJECT: Yi), and save 30% on select apparel. Uncover special deals deeper in the brush, and then battle rift-herald to unlock a special gift. The event ends December 6.
1 week ago

Welcome to the Jungle - Merch Event

Welcome to the Jungle. The biggest Merch sale of the year plus the launch of new limited edition product, figures, tees and plush. Follow Rengar as he navigates the jungle for this special event.
3 weeks ago

Zed is now Unlocked

Zed slashes from the shadows to join the Unlocked series. The unseen blade is the deadliest. A barrage of shurikens fly at Zed as he falls. Predictable. He focuses on the darkness behind the ranged attacker. The shadows smoke and swell behind her as they materialize into a clone. Instantly swapping places with the shadow, he stabs the assailant through the back before she can react.
3 weeks ago

Synchronizing. . .PROJECT: TEAM MINIS

Unlock the true power of PROJECT: Katarina, Ashe, Yasuo, Zed, and Lucian. The second set of League Team Minis are a Special Edition release available for a limited time.
1 month ago

Let us begin. Initiating... PROJECT: Yi

Watch, and learn. The Wuju bladesman strikes his way into the Series 2 figure line. PROJECT: Yi is a Special Edition release available for a limited time.
1 month ago

Worlds 2017 Embossed Crewneck

This french terry crewneck features an embossed Worlds crest on the front, creating a large, yet subtle raised design. The pullover also has a black-on-black Worlds sleeve gel print, two side zippers, and a small red stylized 2017 embroidered logo on the left cuff.
1 month ago

Championship Riven has returned from the vault

The Exile has returned to witness Worlds 2017. Grab the Championship Riven figure for a limited time through the end of Worlds, before she heads back to the vault.
1 month ago

Face the wind

The Yasuo Premium Hoodie is here! Face the wind - and all the rest of the elements - in comfort and style. Custom construction, premium detailing, Yasuo all day. Unlock your inner samurai and never wander alone.
1 month ago

Worlds 2017 Tees

Rep Worlds 2017 with our long and short sleeve tees. The official event tees of Worlds 2017.
2 months ago