New Legendary Skin: Galaxy Slayer Zed

A shadow falls over the heavens.
4 months ago

/dev: Strats and Stats in Odyssey: Extraction

What percentage of players survived the Onslaught?
7 months ago

Odyssey takes off soon

Grab exclusive Odyssey bundles before they take off on September 24, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. PT.
11 months ago

/dev: Adventures in Odyssey: Extraction

What if players got to be the Doom Bots? Stories from developing League’s new PvE game mode.
11 months ago

Odyssey Crew Jacket

Welcome aboard recruit. Now that you have joined the crew of the Morning Star crew in Odyssey, make sure to complete the in-game mission "Fend Them Off" that unlocks your ability to purchase the official Limited Edition Morning Star Crew Jacket.
11 months ago

The Odyssey Crew Aptitude Test

Welcome to the Morning Star, space ace. Here’s a fancy space quiz that’ll assign you a job on the ship and give you a sweet callsign.
11 months ago

Special Edition Odyssey Jinx

The pilot of the Morning Star is your guide to the galaxy as a Special Edition Series 3 figure. Sit back and enjoy the flight, with Jinx as your pilot what could go wrong?
11 months ago

Odyssey: Extraction

Get briefed on the Odyssey game mode’s characters, enemies, powerups, hazards, and more.
11 months ago

Universe: “The Lure,” an Odyssey Kayn story

Ordinal Shieda Kayn slings out to the unremarkable edgeworld of Ionan, hot on the trail of a band of militant Templars. These enemies of the state were clearly looking for something important... but what?
11 months ago

Universe: Odyssey

Explore the world behind Odyssey through character bios, concept art, and Kayn’s short story.
11 months ago