9.16: Lore Update

In this lore update we’re introducing Pantheon: The Unbreakable Spear.
2 months ago

Piltover’s finest are back.

Revisit the City of Progress with updated stories for Caitlyn, Vi, Ezreal, Orianna, and Jayce.
2 years ago

Ask an Orianna Main

Come chat with Plasma Lemon about all things Orianna and learn to ball harder than ever before!
3 years ago

Love’s true test

Take my kills, take them all.
3 years ago

Winter Wonder Orianna waltzes into Snowdown

After transforming her whirling ball of doom into a clockwork poro of death, Winter Wonder Orianna is wound up and ready for Snowdown!
4 years ago

Champion & skin sale: 06.18 - 06.21

These champions and skins are on sale for a limited time.
6 years ago