Patch 7.24b notes

Mid-patch balance tweaks!
10 months ago

Patch 7.24 notes

Visiting runes and champions for preseason tweaks.
10 months ago

Patch 7.23 notes

Our first new patch since the launch of Runes Reforged!
11 months ago

Patch 7.22 notes

Runes Reforged, Unlimited Leveling, and more!
11 months ago

Patch 7.21 notes

Azir, Galio, Ardent Censer, and more in Patch 7.21!
12 months ago

Patch 7.20 notes

Evelynn’s update steps into the shadows of the Rift as preseason draws closer.
1 year ago

Patch 7.19 notes

Azir and Xin Zhao get updates, and we visit a few balance problems like Janna, Ardent Censer, and Bramble Vest.
1 year ago

Patch 7.18 notes

Come check out the patch the pros will play Worlds on!
1 year ago

Patch 7.17 notes

Fire below and stars above. Welcome to patch 7.17.
1 year ago

Patch 7.16 notes

Changes leading up to Worlds, Battle Bosses and more!
1 year ago