New chromas this month

Choose your shade with new chromas for Dragonslayer Braum and Battle Regalia Poppy.
12 months ago

Poppy’s Delivery Service

In the serious business of fighting, Poppy’s hammer is always there to help a friend.
1 year ago

Dev Blog: The Animation of Poppy

Learn about squashing, stretching, and smearing in this behind-the-scenes look at the animation powering League’s most famous hammer-slinger.
1 year ago

Get inspired by Poppy motivational posters

Check out some motivational wisdom inspired by our favorite hammer-wielding heroine.
1 year ago

Poppy heroically charges to live

After questing all across the PBE, Poppy’s ready to bring her updated story, visuals, and gameplay to live.
1 year ago

Champion Spotlight: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer

Welcome to the Poppy Champion Spotlight.
1 year ago

Check out the Poppy Q&A!

Click here for stories from the Rioters behind Poppy’s champion update.
1 year ago

Poppy Q&A coming on December 3

Rioters worthy of wielding the Hammer of Answers are preparing to crush some question nails about Poppy’s champ update. So head over to the Poppy Q&A at 11AM PST on December 3 for more info on the tiny yordle packing perhaps League’s mightiest punch.
1 year ago

The Arsenal: Forging Poppy’s Hammer

Reworking Poppy was a chance to tune up the biggest, baddest aspects of her character. We knew the hammer, her signature weapon, would be critical in solidifying both her identity and her new play patterns.. Like Jinx’s rocket launcher, Nautilus’ anchor, or Riven’s sword, Poppy’s hammer is an integral part of both her kit and her personality; we had to get it right for both to ring true. In short, it was hammer time.
1 year ago

A Hero’s Calling

A weapon holding the hope of a kingdom has found its champion. She just doesn’t know it.
1 year ago