2016 Preseason Spotlight

Marksmen Updates! New items! Changed items! A new jungle monster! Keystone masteries! Join us as we scratch the surface of some of the gameplay changes coming to League this preseason.
3 years ago

Check out the Preseason Q&A

The team who cooked up the Preseason 2015 changes answers your questions on the boards. Learn more about what might look a little different in the next season.
4 years ago

Preseason 2015: Forging a Diverse Armory

It’s preseason, and that means changes to items! When we looked at all of the high-level strategic opportunities in League, we wanted to create and retune items with a specific focus on macro-level value over micro-level contributions. If more teams can change course in a game through item purchases rather than relying purely on champion composition, we hope to provide the right tools for strategic innovation to prosper in League of Legends.
4 years ago

Join the team for a Preseason Q&A

The team behind the Preseason 2015 changes heads to the boards to talk everything from scuttle crabs to smiting champions.
4 years ago

Preseason 2015: Diversifying Objectives

Objectives are already among the most strategic elements of League. Players have heated debates on what Baron is worth in terms of towers and inhibitors, or whether Dragon is worth trading for top outer turret. Focusing on strategic diversity, we saw opportunities to make the decisions around objectives more interesting and meaningful.
4 years ago

Preseason 2015: Increasing Strategic Diversity

With the 2014 season winding down, we’re once again just around the corner from the time of chaos that is preseason! Rest assured this isn’t chaos for the sake of chaos or disruption for the sake of disruption; the preseason is an important period of downtime between ranked and professional play to set the foundation for the next year of League’s evolution.
4 years ago

Ranked play info and FAQ for the preseason

Wondering why your Season 3 stats haven't been reset this preseason? We're planning a ranked reset for the start of the 2014 season. Here’s why.
5 years ago

The preseason draws closer!

Preseason will soon be upon us! Read on to find out more when it comes to core design philosophies going into the preseason.
5 years ago