Cloud 9 heads to the 2014 All Star Paris

Cloud 9 realized expectations thanks to outstanding performances by its individual players last week when they successfully and convincingly defended their title as Regional Champions. With the 2014 All Star just on the horizon, Cloud 9 is more than ready to take on the international competition waiting for them in Paris, France.
5 years ago

TPA - Sneaking Up on Paris

The Taipei Assassins head to Paris off an epic series in the GPL finals, capping off their near-perfect run through the spring split. Featuring a line-up filled with some of the best talent Southeast Asia possesses, TPA looks stronger than ever. Resolute in extended games, and bloodthirsty in early invades, expect fireworks from this team.
5 years ago

SKT championship skins are here

Commemorate SKT’s sweeping victory with a set of skins clad in the gold and red that lifted the Summoner’s Cup.
5 years ago

EU Champs Set Sights on World Stage

As the sun sets on another great LCS season, it’s hard not to recognize the absolute phenomenon known as Fnatic. Their victory in the playoffs serves as a capstone on yet another great season, a third feather in the hat of a team that refuses to lose. Through good and bad, Fnatic has stayed resolute in their drive to win—and it shows in their results.
5 years ago

All-Star Preview: SK Telecom T1 K

The incumbent world champions make their second international appearance at Paris – get the lowdown on SK Telecom T1 K's All-Star campaign in our preview.
5 years ago

SKT team skins unveiled!

SK Telecom T1’s incredible run through the Season 3 World Championship is already legend. Now, we’re decking out some of their favorite champs in the regalia of the team that won it all.
5 years ago

Hop, Skip, And Beat: ZionSpartan's Jax

If there’s one rule in the North American LCS right now, it’s don’t let ZionSpartan pick Jax. The Grandmaster at Arms burst onto the Rift in Zion’s hands back in Week 5 and since then, it’s become a game of keep away from the young Coast top laner. Yet, no one else seems to be interested in playing Jax. So what makes Zion’s play so scary? We sat down with him to find out.
5 years ago

The Season 3 World Championship preview

The Season 3 World Championship arrives at the Staples Center this Friday. Korea's SK Telecom T1 and China's Royal Club proved themselves the top teams on the planet and now they'll duel for the Summoner's Cup. Catch up on the semifinal action and preview the Championship right here.
5 years ago

The Season 3 semifinals are here

The world's top four teams have fought their way through the quarter finals and are prepping for a semifinal showdown at the Galen Center. These are the matchups, times and dates of the World Championship semifinals.
5 years ago

Featured Streamer: Former MRN pro Heartbeat

Heartbeat is a pro that played AD carry, support and mid lane for Team MRN in the Spring Split of Season 3. Given his versatility, tournament experience and deep knowledge of the game, Heartbeat makes a great stream for players looking to step up their theory crafting and game knowledge.
6 years ago