Welcome to the Jungle - Merch Event

Welcome to the Jungle. The biggest Merch sale of the year plus the launch of new limited edition product, figures, tees and plush. Follow Rengar as he navigates the jungle for this special event.
1 day ago

New Epic skin: Mecha Rengar returns to the hunt

The lab abandoned Prototype 09, but the mechanical beast was a true predator. And a true predator always returns to the hunt. Mecha Rengar and new Mecha chromas are now prowling in the League store.
1 week ago

Cheap Cosplay Challenge: Rengar vs. Kha’zix

Jessica turns $30 worth of crap into cosplay magic.
1 year ago

/ALL Chat | Rengar vs. Kha’zix!

Weigh in on one of League’s oldest rivalries.
1 year ago

Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage

No plan matters when Thresh and Rengar decide it's time for you to die.
1 year ago

Legacy esports and SSW skins say goodbye for now

The legacy esports and SSW skins head to the vault.
2 years ago

Samsung White championship skins take the stage

Celebrate Samsung White’s commanding victory in the 2014 World Championship with five new skins inspired by the Korean powerhouse.
2 years ago

Embrace the darkness with Night Hunter Rengar

Night Hunter Rengar approaches from downwind, drawn by his quarry’s pounding heart. This is what he lives for. This is why he embraced the darkness.
3 years ago

Champion & skin sale: 06.18 - 06.21

These champions and skins are on sale for a limited time.
4 years ago