Season 3 end is approaching!

72 hours stand between you and the Season 3 rewards deadline. Will you claim the Victorious Ward skin for making it to Silver tier, or will you push your way to Gold, earning the exclusive Victorious Elise skin?
5 years ago

End of Season 3 rewards

After months of grueling competition, the Season 3 nexus is starting to crumble. As we near the triumphant victory screen, it’s time to reveal the rewards you’ll earn for Season 3 ranked play.
6 years ago

Championship Thresh available now

For the next two weeks, Championship Thresh is here to box up your next game in celebration of the epic battles waged over the course of Season 3.
6 years ago

Celebrate Season 3 with Championship Thresh

After a Season 3 filled with everything from spectacular comebacks to dominant victories, the World Championship has begun. To celebrate the epic battles waged over the course of the season, we're introducing Championship Thresh!
6 years ago

World Championship icons to celebrate the playoffs

The Regionals have officially come to a close, and we're about to head into World Playoffs. Since there's no better time to show your team spirit, we've added a few new icons to your League of Legends client.
6 years ago

North American Regionals kicking off soon

With several Regional Playoffs won and done, the traffic on the Road to Worlds is clearing up and we're starting to see who's in the fast lane to LA and who's taking the exit into the offseason. Now it's North America's turn to find out which teams are in the driver's seat.
6 years ago

Road to the World Championship: Regional Playoffs

Season 3 has been the most globally competitive and intensely followed season of professional League of Legends yet. Regional Qualifiers for the World Championship in Los Angeles are kicking off and it’s time for the teams to earn their way to Los Angeles.
6 years ago

Season 3 World Championship heads to Los Angeles

With the worldwide finals approaching and the most talented competitors in esports preparing for the greatest challenge of the season, we need a championship venue that matches the occasion.
6 years ago