One World Championship, 32 million viewers

You joined more than 32 million people at home, local bars and dedicated viewing parties to watch SK Telecom T1 claim the Summoner's Cup in front of a sold out Staples Center.
3 years ago

50% off bundle of the Championship winning team

On October 4, SK Telecom T1 claimed the Summoner's Cup in an explosive victory at the Staples Center. To celebrate, we're putting the five champs they used to claim the Cup--and bonus skins--into a 50% off bundle!
4 years ago

The Season 3 World Championship preview

The Season 3 World Championship arrives at the Staples Center this Friday. Korea's SK Telecom T1 and China's Royal Club proved themselves the top teams on the planet and now they'll duel for the Summoner's Cup. Catch up on the semifinal action and preview the Championship right here.
4 years ago

The Season 3 semifinals are here

The world's top four teams have fought their way through the quarter finals and are prepping for a semifinal showdown at the Galen Center. These are the matchups, times and dates of the World Championship semifinals.
4 years ago

My team video contest: we have a winner

Congratulations to the winner of the My Team video contest! The votes are in and you the community decided Will-full Dreamers and their team deserved the trip to the World Championship final at the Staples Center. Thanks so much for sharing your stories and votes.
4 years ago

My Team: cast your vote for best the team story

You clicked. You watched. You voted. We're down to ten finalists in the My Team video contest. In this stage, you'll have one vote to help decide the winner. The top vote-getter gets to take their team to the World Championship final!
4 years ago

My Team: vote up your favorite community stories

We're stoked to share all of the great entries we've seen for the My Team video contest. We've rounded up all the videos and loaded them into a randomized YouTube launcher for your voting pleasure.
4 years ago

Roku owners: try our beta S3 World Championship channel

Catch all of the Season 3 World Championship action in HD for a limited time wherever you have a Roku box!
4 years ago

Season 3 World Championship kicks off September 15

Fourteen contenders rose above the competition in regional qualifiers across the world. On September 15th their journey to the finals begins. Who will rise and be crowned Season Three Champions?
4 years ago

World Championship icons to celebrate the playoffs

The Regionals have officially come to a close, and we're about to head into World Playoffs. Since there's no better time to show your team spirit, we've added a few new icons to your League of Legends client.
4 years ago