New chromas this month

Choose your shade with new chromas for Badlands Baron Rumble.
2 days ago

New Epic skin: Badlands Baron Rumble

Run the wastelands as Badlands Baron Rumble, now available for 1350 RP.
1 week ago

New Epic skin: Lancer Stratus Wukong

Rise and protect as Lancer Stratus Wukong, now available for 1350 RP.
2 weeks ago

New skins trailer: April Foods Day

3 weeks ago

Learn more: April Foods Event

Soooooo hungry. Could really go for some fast casual dining. Fill your tummy with yummy and learn more about new skins, missions, Birdie Capsules and Birdie Bags, and more once April Foods Day starts on March 30, 2018 at 8:00 AM PT.
3 weeks ago

New Gemstone skin: Hextech Alistar

Craft your titan for 10 gemstones.
3 weeks ago

New Ultimate skin trailer: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Payback is a Goddess. The new Ultimate skin Gun Goddess Miss Fortune arrives March 22, 2018 for 2775 RP. Clear your hit list with four interchangeable superweapons—Scarlet Fair, Royal Arms, Starswarm, and Zero Hour.
4 weeks ago

New animated video: Payback is a Goddess

It’s her against the universe that left her for dead. Now Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is ready to start collecting her debt.
1 month ago

New Epic skin: Resistance Illaoi

Overturn the Evolution with Resistance Illaoi, now available for 1350 RP.
1 month ago

/dev diary: State of Skins

Personalization Lead Producer SuperCakes gives an update on Resistance Illaoi, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, and some upcoming skins and events in 2018.
1 month ago