November sales schedule

Check out all the champs and skins on sale this November!
3 days ago

New Gemstone skin: Hextech Malzahar

Craft oblivion with 10 gemstones.
4 days ago

New Epic skin: Infernal Amumu

He dreams of kindling friendships, but any potential playmates end up getting burned.
6 days ago

Dragon Trainer Heimer trailer: Test Your Wings

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger goes field testing with his fledgling beasts—Pythagoras, Bitey, and Turret Jrs.!
1 week ago

New Legendary skin: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

Eureka! He’s hatched them. Take the dragon trainer and his fire babies for a field test on the Rift.
1 week ago

The Championship Ashe figure has arrived!

Championship Ashe is ready to unite the Freljord with her trusty bow as Special Edition #03 in the Series 3 figure line. From now until 11/4 you will also receive a Championship Ashe summoner icon with every purchase made on the Riot Games Merch online store.
3 weeks ago

Special Edition Odyssey Jinx

The pilot of the Morning Star is your guide to the galaxy as a Special Edition Series 3 figure. Sit back and enjoy the flight, with Jinx as your pilot what could go wrong?
1 month ago

Divine Sword Irelia and Enduring Sword Talon

Start your saga as Divine Sword Irelia and Enduring Sword Talon for 1350 RP each.
1 month ago

Dark Star Cho’Gath Charity Results

From July 13 – August 10, all proceeds from Dark Star Cho’Gath were donated to nonprofits around the world. See how much we raised together.
1 month ago

Arcade Hecarim Out Of Vault

There's no hero more noble than a rainbow-shooting chrome centaur. Reign in The Shadow of War in his Arcade form before he stampedes back into the vault.
1 month ago