Star Guardian stickers land on Boards

Light up the League of Legends Boards with 16 brilliant stickers starring the defenders of the Starlight.
1 year ago

Star Guardian Varsity Jacket

Sport Lux and Jinx in style with the Star Guardian Varsity Jacket. The 5-star Elder Dragon crest will let the other players know that you're the senpai to be respected.
1 year ago

Read the bios for your favorite Star Guardians

Like the Star Guardians? Want to know more about them? Check out their new bios on Universe!
1 year ago

New on Universe: “Starfall,” a Star Guardian story

As the glow of summer break fades, Lux worries whether her Star Guardian team is prepared for the challenges of the coming year. Eager to have the team bond before a new school year begins, the young captain arranges a trip to Camp Targon’s Summer Starfall celebration. This campout to watch the annual meteor shower might be just the thing to bring the team together. But will she get more than she signed up for?
1 year ago

2017 Star Guardian Product Collection Coming

The 2017 Star Guardian product collection is coming September 7! Part of this collection includes the launch of our new line of Team Mini figures with Set 1 representing the first five Star Guardians (Lux, Jinx, Poppy, Janna and Lulu). To celebrate this special event a Limited Edition Star Guardian Ahri Team Mini figure will also be available at 11 AM PST on that day.
1 year ago

Star Guardian community creations

A magical collection of community art and cosplay!
2 years ago

Star Guardian Lux fan art!

Check out this magical collection of Star Guardian Lux community creations.
3 years ago

Brighter than the power of love, it’s Star Guardian Lux

Triumph over evil with Star Guardian Lux, available now wherever love and justice prevail (also known as the League of Legends store).
3 years ago