Star Guardian event ending soon

Don’t forget to catch First Star loading screen borders for the new skins before the Star Guardian event fades away.
2 months ago

Star Guardian stickers land on Boards

Light up the League of Legends Boards with 16 brilliant stickers starring the defenders of the Starlight.
3 months ago

Star Guardian Familiars Mini Plush Set

These cuties look rather Familiar. Star Guardian Mini Plush are here to guide you through your next adventure.
3 months ago

Star Guardian Varsity Jacket

Sport Lux and Jinx in style with the Star Guardian Varsity Jacket. The 5-star Elder Dragon crest will let the other players know that you're the senpai to be respected.
3 months ago

Read the bios for your favorite Star Guardians

Like the Star Guardians? Want to know more about them? Check out their new bios on Universe!
3 months ago

Take the quiz: Which Star Guardian are you?

Five new warriors join the Star Guardian universe this year. Are you a charismatic captain like Ahri, a formidable force like Syndra, or somewhere in between?
3 months ago

Light a new horizon: Star Guardian 2017 Skins Trailer

Star Guardian Ahri and her team are soaring into the League store. Preview the 2017 Star Guardian skins and the new PvE game mode: Invasion.
3 months ago

Learn more: Star Guardian 2017

Catch a glimpse of what’s happening during the Star Guardian: New Horizon event, including new skins, a game mode, and more.
3 months ago

Watch Star Guardian Ahri shine in “A New Horizon”

Star Guardians are destined to burn bright, only to fade away. A mysterious new team lands in town to challenge their fate.
3 months ago

New on Universe: “Starfall,” a Star Guardian story

As the glow of summer break fades, Lux worries whether her Star Guardian team is prepared for the challenges of the coming year. Eager to have the team bond before a new school year begins, the young captain arranges a trip to Camp Targon’s Summer Starfall celebration. This campout to watch the annual meteor shower might be just the thing to bring the team together. But will she get more than she signed up for?
3 months ago