Demacian Heart - Short Story

Nature made him a mage. The seekers made him a killer.
3 months ago

The Slumber Party Summoning, a Star Guardian story

Lux calls an important meeting, leading Lulu to invite some unexpected guests for a cozy night in. Pajama Guardian skins are now slumber partying it up in the League store for 1350 RP each (discounted if you own the Star Guardian skin)!
5 months ago

Veigar: Short Story

Veigar, the Master of Evil, has been accused of tormenting Boleham, but things are not as they seem.
5 months ago

Vladimir: Art Immortal

An artist is hired to immortalize the life of Vladimir—a life she now sees is but one of many.
5 months ago

Nocturne: New Scary Story

The Shadow Door is one of Valoran’s oldest fables; but tonight, the story comes to life.
6 months ago

New Story: Akali

Get a tattoo, take out a traitor. All in a night’s work for the Rogue Assassin.
8 months ago

New Story: Yasuo & Riven PT. 3

Two fates intertwined.
12 months ago

New Story: Yasuo & Riven PT. 2

Two fates intertwined.
1 year ago

Who is Riven? Illustrated Bio

Read about Riven in one page.
1 year ago

Who is Yasuo? Illustrated Bio

Read about Yasuo in one page.
1 year ago