2015 season end sale!

As the season comes to a close we’re putting some ranked essentials on sale to help with that final push.
3 years ago

Mid-Season Invitational icons, bundles and more

Grab these deals inspired by the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational and celebrate the collision of the world’s best League of Legends players fighting to provide their region is the best.
4 years ago

2015 season kickoff sale!

We want everyone ready for the coming battles so we’re putting some of the ranked essentials on sale to help you prepare.
4 years ago

Summoner name change sale

The 2014 Season’s almost over, so summoner name changes are 50% off!
4 years ago

Update on summoner name cleanup & sale

We know that many of you were very excited for the summoner name cleanup & sale that would be taking place when patch 3.7 arrived, but we've unfortunately run into some technical difficulties that have prevented us from deploying the name cleanse with this patch.
6 years ago