Teemo in Space... Kinda

How many aerospace engineering and physics students does it take to send a yordle into space?
2 months ago

Captain Teemo on duty! Series 3 has arrived

There is no one better suited to kick off Series 3 other than the legendary Swift Scout, Teemo. The Series 3 figure line will contain so much awesomeness. New "XL" figures which will celebrate champions that have a slightly bigger story to tell, "DUO" figure sets that contain two connected characters, "CHROMA" figures which are ultra-super-extremely-rare, and snazzy new packaging that will enhance the way you receive Riot Merch figures. We're pretty hyped and hope you are too!
1 year ago

New Epic skin: Beemo

To bee or not to bee was never the question. Sting ‘em as Beemo, now buzzing about the League store for 1350 RP.
1 year ago

Teemo’s Big Birthday Datapalooza

Happy Birthday, Teemo!
1 year ago

Rigging a Nightmare: Tech Art and the Little Devil

What do tech artists do, and how’d they help make League’s most diabolical Yordle even more hellish?
2 years ago


Sacrifice minions, play Doom Bots of Doom, and collect Legacy skins before time is up FOREVER!!
2 years ago

Revel in The Teemoing

Sacrificial ceremonies, wicked witchcraft, and DOOM await in this Tale from the Rift.
2 years ago

Praise Teemo

Once he is summoned… skies help us all.
2 years ago

Astro Teemo is blasting off and floating your way

Astro Teemo is here! Joining the ranks of our plush with his spacesuit and laser gun, the Swift Scout is ready to float his way into battle.
3 years ago

Bard Baron Steals and other Tilting Tales

Enjoy some choice outplays and misplays from last week that show what tilt is made of.
3 years ago