Ask Riot: TFT Ranked Rewards

Plus champion reworks, Teemo, and mail in Runeterra.
1 month ago

Beemo Onesie

Defend the brush. Keep all flowers protected. Have your lane on lock. Become Beemo.
2 months ago

Beemo Plush

“That’s gotta sting!” Beemo flies into Runterran gardens as an adorable plush.
3 months ago

RIP Teemo Limited Team Mini

This Limited Edition RIP Teemo is here to help you commemorate the overwhelming joyous feeling of defeating a Teemo. Sorry Teemo mains.
3 months ago

Teemo in Space... Kinda

How many aerospace engineering and physics students does it take to send a yordle into space?
5 months ago

Captain Teemo on duty! Series 3 has arrived

There is no one better suited to kick off Series 3 other than the legendary Swift Scout, Teemo. The Series 3 figure line will contain so much awesomeness. New "XL" figures which will celebrate champions that have a slightly bigger story to tell, "DUO" figure sets that contain two connected characters, "CHROMA" figures which are ultra-super-extremely-rare, and snazzy new packaging that will enhance the way you receive Riot Merch figures. We're pretty hyped and hope you are too!
1 year ago

New Epic skin: Beemo

To bee or not to bee was never the question. Sting ‘em as Beemo, now buzzing about the League store for 1350 RP.
1 year ago

Teemo’s Big Birthday Datapalooza

Happy Birthday, Teemo!
1 year ago

Rigging a Nightmare: Tech Art and the Little Devil

What do tech artists do, and how’d they help make League’s most diabolical Yordle even more hellish?
2 years ago


Sacrifice minions, play Doom Bots of Doom, and collect Legacy skins before time is up FOREVER!!
2 years ago