/dev diary: Ghostcrawler on Successful Champs

Ghostcrawler deep-dives what it is that makes a champion succeed.
3 months ago

Grab the lantern! Free U.R.F. with every figure

There is life. There is death. And then there is Thresh. This is here and he hooks his way into Series 2. For a limited time get a FREE Ultra Random Figure with every figure purchased (including a chance at a S1 or S2 Urf from the vault).
5 months ago

/dev: On Dark Star: Singularity

Explore the art and design of League’s latest rotating game mode.
6 months ago

Into the Abyss: Developing Dark Star Thresh

A Legendary is born.
11 months ago

Thresh: Making a Monster

We teamed up a community cosplayer with a professional prop maker to turn everyone’s favorite chain warden into a towering real-life monster! Here are some behind-the-scenes looks at the creation and performance of the thirteen foot tall Thresh puppet that debuted at PAX East.
1 year ago

The Dark Star rises

There is no escape.
1 year ago

Thresh’s Outplay Party

Celebrate Thresh’ community-decided victory over Lucian with some sweet hooks, saves, and outplays
1 year ago

Lucian vs. Thresh fan art

Continuing with the theme of this week’s battle between Lucian and Thresh, let's see if these inspiring community creations can help influence a victor in the war between sworn enemies.
1 year ago

Lucian vs Thresh: Who Would Win?

Vote on who would win in a hypothetical fight between the Chain Warden and the Purifier!
1 year ago

Thresh haunts the halls of PAX East!

The teams at Stoopid Buddy and 4 Itchy Tasty! Cosplay bring the Chain Warden to life.
1 year ago