Varus: New Bio

Who was Varus before the fall—and what will he become after?
1 year ago

The Story Behind Varus: Retribution

Go behind the scenes of Varus: Retribution with the Rioters who brought the new darkin warrior to life.
1 year ago

Varus: As We Fall (Music Video)

Part 2 of the Retribution arc.
1 year ago

Varus: Retribution

Witness the incarnation of vengeance across a music video and two comics.
1 year ago

The Dark Star rises

There is no escape.
3 years ago

Journey to Thy Golden Mustache!

Gragas Caskbreaker, Ryze Whitebeard, Varus Swiftbolt, and Braum Lionheart are ready to roll.
3 years ago

Mid Varus storms the Rift!

Varus makes a triumphant return to Summoner's Rift, this time in the middle lane.
4 years ago

Show your love with Valentine’s Day skins

Health pots are red, Frostfangs are blue...
4 years ago

Arctic Ops Varus takes aim

One arrow is all Arctic Ops Varus needs.
5 years ago