Ask Riot: Balancing Champions

Balancing new champs, how players’ perception affects gameplay, and an update on legacy skins.
1 week ago

Ask Riot: Longest Game Ever

Adaptive damage, Yasuo’s spoken language, and the longest ranked game on record.
2 months ago

Animating Order and Chaos

How’d animators bring Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo to life?
7 months ago


Face the wind.
7 months ago

Riven vs. Yasuo: 1v1, Summoner’s Rift, Data Only

The Exile or The Unforgiven? The Clairvoyance Blog crunches the numbers between Yasuo and Riven.
7 months ago

VS. Ending Soon

Play missions, craft event-exclusive loot, and help determine a victor before VS. ends.
7 months ago

Ask Riot: Yasuo gets banned

Deep-dives on vision score, Yasuo’s ban rate, and how we find voice over talent.
8 months ago

Rioters Clash in Yasuo 1v1 Tournament

For a sweet, brief century, there was peace between Riot's many Yasuo mains. Now, with trumpets blazing, war is inevitable. Prepare yourselves for a LIVESTREAMED YASUO-ONLY 1V1 TOURNAMENT.
1 year ago

Face the wind with Darshan

CLG’s top laner shares tips about his favorite champion.
1 year ago

Yasuo figma is available for limited pre-order

Honor is in the heart, not the name. In collaboration with Good Smile, we're bringing Yasuo, the Unforgiven, to the figma series. The articulated action figure comes with his sword, flute and a wind tornado, which you can use to create various poses and act out different scenes. Pre-orders will come with an exclusive Yasuo collectible metal card. The Yasuo figma is estimated to ship in December 2016.
1 year ago