Face the wind with Darshan

CLG’s top laner shares tips about his favorite champion.
2 years ago

Yasuo figma is available for limited pre-order

Honor is in the heart, not the name. In collaboration with Good Smile, we're bringing Yasuo, the Unforgiven, to the figma series. The articulated action figure comes with his sword, flute and a wind tornado, which you can use to create various poses and act out different scenes. Pre-orders will come with an exclusive Yasuo collectible metal card. The Yasuo figma is estimated to ship in December 2016.
2 years ago

The Blood Moon calls

It will find you.
3 years ago

Big Plays: Why Yasuo Never Sleeps

With godlike reflexes, Yasuo denies a potentially fatal Ashe arrow.
4 years ago

PROJECT: Yasuo is online

Yasuo’s visor pulls back to reveal an emotionless guise. The mask of a man with nothing inside.
4 years ago

Dev Blog: The Making of Yasuo's Wind Wall

Join Champion Designer CertainlyT as he walks us through the creation of Yasuo’s Wind Wall.
5 years ago

Unforgivably awesome fan art

The latest champion to make his way to the battlefields of League of Legends takes center stage in movie posters dreamed up by European players. Explore a gallery of fan-made film fantasies by Anonymous, dzâka, Huryel, meteorskies, Nachtotter, Raverthia, SergioFX, StillSlashing, touchedbyred, and Turkuaz D Double.
5 years ago

Yasuo, the Unforgiven, available now

Steer the winds of battle as Yasuo, the Unforgiven, or lock and load before unleashing aerial carnage on the good, bad and ugly as High Noon Yasuo.
5 years ago

Champion Spotlight: Yasuo, the Unforgiven

Learn to steer the winds and maraud through your foes in the Yasuo Champion Spotlight.
5 years ago

The Road to Ruin

Delve into Yasuo's past and uncover how he became known as the Unforgiven.
5 years ago