Patch 9.17 notes

Helping out our big, friendly space dragon and righteous angel, but keeping changes generally light as we head towards Worlds.
3 weeks ago

Patch Notes: Lore Edition

In the jungle, not all is as it seems. Is there a beast among the trees, or is the jungle itself stirring?
9 months ago

Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story

Join Officers Vi and Zyra as they team up to clean up the streets of Piltover.
1 year ago

/dev: On Sound Design for the Dragon Sorceress

How’d we create the vocals for Zyra’s darling dragons?
2 years ago

Rise of the Dragons

The last stand.
2 years ago

Ask a Zyra Main

Ask Melyn anything about making your opponents feel the thorn’s embrace.
3 years ago

Dev Corner: Zyra’s place in the mage updates

Discuss the latest on Zyra’s place in the upcoming Mid-Year Mage Updates.
3 years ago

Haunted Zyra blooms in the darkness!

Featuring new spell effects, animations and sounds, Haunted Zyra returns from the grave to horrify those unlucky enough to be snared by her ghastly thorns. Bid grim welcome to Haunted Zyra and all of the new Harrowing content in an upcoming patch!
5 years ago

Champion & skin sale: 7.09 - 7.12

These champions and skins are on sale for a limited time.
6 years ago