Most Recent Editorial News

Riot Pls: The Meta and Beyond

Lead Producer New001 returns with updates on recent meta changes, the experimental game mode Nexus Blitz, and Clash.
1 day ago

9 Fun Facts from Nunu’s Development

Snowballs, hugs, and Nunu Bot.
3 days ago

Ask Riot: Victorious Skins & More

Ranked ARAMs, battle royale, skins, vanilla League, and eggs.
1 week ago

League of Stats

Stats is live in your profile! See how you stack up against pros and friends to level up your game.
1 week ago

Champion Roadmap: August 2018

Sisters divided, the Prodigal Explorer, and a colorful new mage.
1 week ago

/dev: Next Steps for Position Ranks in 2019

We’re back to tie up some loose ends on position ranks and Ranked 2019.
2 weeks ago

Ask Riot: New Champions

Let’s talk champions: splash art, balance, recommended items, and choosing a role.
3 weeks ago

Making Dark Star Cho’Gath

Look behind the scenes on the making of Dark Star Cho’Gath with Bryan, a League player who visited Riot in 2017 through our partnership with The Make-A-Wish Foundation.
1 month ago

The Stories Behind League’s SFX

Nitrous bombs, dog food, and fireballs… oh my.
1 month ago

/dev: Forging Melodies

New sheet music, humming, and a behind-the-scenes video about creating Ornn’s music.
1 month ago