November sales schedule

Check out all the champs and skins on sale this November!
1 day ago

Xayah & Rakan Bracelets

These bracelets are adorned with aesthetics that capture the passion and intensity between Xayah & Rakan - making these a perfect gift for any best friend, duo partner, or significant other. Not to mention it would look awesome on anyone who wants to channel the power of both vastaya.
2 days ago

New Gemstone skin: Hextech Malzahar

Craft oblivion with 10 gemstones.
2 days ago

New Epic skin: Infernal Amumu

He dreams of kindling friendships, but any potential playmates end up getting burned.
4 days ago

Xayah & Rakan DUO Figure Set

Is there any duo more perfect to be our first DUO figure set? The Rebel and The Charmer ready to spring into action to protect each other from all of their enemies in Runeterra as figure #05 in our Series 3 figure line and our first ever DUO variant.
5 days ago

Dragon Trainer Heimer trailer: Test Your Wings

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger goes field testing with his fledgling beasts—Pythagoras, Bitey, and Turret Jrs.!
1 week ago

New Legendary skin: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

Eureka! He’s hatched them. Take the dragon trainer and his fire babies for a field test on the Rift.
1 week ago

Ezreal available now!

Daring exploits. Narrow escapes. Perfect hair. He may make it look easy, but it’s all skill.
1 week ago

Ask Riot: 100th Edition

League’s development leads answer your most pressing and… intriguing questions.
2 weeks ago

Diary of a Daring Explorer

A Handwritten Account of the Discovery of the Vault of Resplendent Holies.
3 weeks ago