Patch 8.5 notes

Introducing Kai'Sa to League's roster and following up on some of 8.4's changes.
1 week ago

Patch 8.4 notes

Mage item update and more.
3 weeks ago

Patch 8.3 notes

Sejuani, Jarvan, Azir, and more!
1 month ago

Patch 8.2 notes

Did you see where the Sightstone went?
1 month ago

Patch 8.1 notes

Season 8 begins!
2 months ago

Patch 7.24b notes

Mid-patch balance tweaks!
3 months ago

Patch 7.24 notes

Visiting runes and champions for preseason tweaks.
3 months ago

Patch 7.23 notes

Our first new patch since the launch of Runes Reforged!
3 months ago

Patch 7.22 notes

Runes Reforged, Unlimited Leveling, and more!
4 months ago

Patch 7.21 notes

Azir, Galio, Ardent Censer, and more in Patch 7.21!
4 months ago