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The series conclusion! Taken in by the Winter’s Claw, Ashe may have found hope for her future…

Dark vs. light. Mortal vs. divine. The two sisters born from Justice face off in battle.

The one where we explain bounties, buff Urgot, and break double Tear Ezreal.

You voted. And the winner is…

Jasmina will knock you out with her Lee Sin plays and killer voice.

Find out when and where your favorite College Season teams are playing this week!

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Do we love or hate long games?

Theoretically any game could stretch on infinitely -- even though a clock ticks at the top of the screen, the actual ending isn’t triggered until one team’s Nexus is destroyed. Long games make you feel a certain way.
1 day ago

This or That | The Power of the Memes

This or That is back with Kobe and Cap, and this week they’re arguing over the best TSM signings, Doublelift’s iconic champions, and attractive junglers.
1 day ago

The Dive |The Playoff Race & Patch 9.6

This week on The Dive, the gang return to their old format with the help of Phreak, and will go deep on TSM vs. TL, Patch 9.6, and the race for LCS Playoffs.
1 day ago

10 thoughts going into Week 9

Five teams will play a little game we call “League of Legends” for the final two playoff spots.
2 days ago

The Penta | He Took the Lantern

This week on The Penta we’ve got Silver Bolts right to the heart of Griffin and Fnatic honor the legacy of xPeke.
3 days ago