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MSI 2019 kicks off soon and we've got a bunch of ways for you to celebrate!

It's the MSI patch! Kayle and Zed get nerfs and Butcher's Bridge sets sail to the horizon.

Mordekaiser, an AD assassin, and an army of one. Check out the new champs and updates coming in 2019.

Game pacing, pollution, and the client.

Take pride in your accomplishments on the Rift with these sleek and warm hoodie and sweatpants.

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Phreak Show | MSI’s Hottest Champs

This week on Phreak Show we’re giving you a meta rundown for the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational.
17 hours ago

This or That | Nineteen Oh Seven

This or That is back with a special MSI Play-In edition. Watch Kobe and Cap as they duke it out over Group A’s favorite, Group B’s dark horse, and Nineteen Oh Seven Fenerbahçe.
18 hours ago

The Dive | Mid-Season Madness

This week on The Dive join Kobe, Azael, and Phreak, as they go deep on the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational and the joy that is international competition.
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Teemo in Space... Kinda

How many aerospace engineering and physics students does it take to send a yordle into space?
1 day ago

New free champion rotation: Jayce, Swain, Lissandra and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
3 days ago