New Player Guide!

The 2018 season is here. Take the first step and begin your climb.

Your Honor level resets at season start so you can unlock new rewards that level up when you do.

Season 8 begins!

Killing-spree bounties, control ward slots, and intentionally changing the meta.

Tensions rise and old teammates fight when the NA LCS returns this weekend, January 20, at 2 PM PT.

ARTeapot spins up a tale of hammers and sorcery starring Sejuani, Jayce, Karthus, and Bard!

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NA LCS Week 1 News and Updates

Your single resource for all the latest news, content, and highlights from week 1 of the NA LCS Spring Split.
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/dev diary: Gameplay in 2018

Gameplay Lead Producer Safelocked talks about the team’s goals for early 2018.
1 day ago

Summoner Showcase 135

A brand new episode of Summoner Showcase!
2 days ago

January Early Sales: 1.19.18 – 1.22.18

The Omega Squad is on the January Early Sale list!
2 days ago

The Dive: NA LCS Spring Power Rankings

Kobe, Jatt, and Azael break down all ten teams in the NA LCS and give us their power rankings for the Spring Split.
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