Most Recent Community News

Pentakill: Battles of the Band

Falconshield is back with the rock opera of your dreams.
2 months ago

Ask Riot: Honor Capsules Pls

An update on honor capsules, eating poros, and Ornn’s low winrate on launch.
2 months ago

PAX West Recap

Check out the highlights from League’s stop at PAX 2017.
2 months ago

Summoner Showcase 125

A brand new episode of Summoner Showcase!
2 months ago

Ask Riot: Increasing the Clubs cap

What’s up with Clubs, what’s new with the new client, and how we chose Pentakill’s newest member.
2 months ago

PAX West kicks off

Follow some of your favorite creators as they co-host our after-hours PAX party.
2 months ago

PAX Sivir cosplay update

We’re back with more progress from the PAX Sivir cosplay team, and they’re so excited to share the final build with you soon!
2 months ago

Ask Riot: Pro patches and Riven balance

Evaluating Riven, exploring Runeterra’s languages, and talking pro League.
2 months ago

Join the Ornn Q&A on Reddit!

Join us on Reddit for a Q&A about the Fire Below the Mountain.
2 months ago

PAX Sivir cosplay collab

We’ve teamed up with community creator Ladee Danger and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios on an exciting new cosplay build for PAX Sivir!
3 months ago