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Gameplay Updates

Looking back, you’d think pre-season was just an annual jungle-changing ceremony. But this really is the best time to try out big game changes, and this year we’ve got… jungle changes. Fact is, we’ve been trying to figure out how to make the jungle interesting and meaningful all the way into the lategame for a long time. So, this season the jungle grows up, supports will find some new items, and we’ve got some minor changes to masteries to round it all out.

Living Jungle

These green goodies grow in specific areas on the Rift, offering worthwhile bonuses throughout the game.

Blast Cone

Knocks away nearby units when destroyed. Use it to jump into your next jungle camp, or to escape an enemy that's chasing you.

Scryer's Bloom

When destroyed, releases pollen across the map away from the attacker, revealing units on the way. Use it to scout for enemies!


When destroyed, spills healing fruit on the ground. Eat the fruit to keep your health and mana topped off as you roam the jungle.


With plants overlapping some (not all) Smite rewards, we’re streamlining things by removing Smite buffs (Smite will now heal you whenever you smite a large monster, no matter which one it is). We're also making some additional minor changes to camps to make each feel more distinct.

Blue Sentinel & Red Brambleback

Blue and Red buff have evicted the smaller monsters that lived in their camps. How lonely.


There are now a total of six raptors to peck you to death.

Murk Wolves

...Actually, not much has changed here. Carry on!


Gromp's poison is gone, but now he enrages at the start of the encounter. Get licked.


Krugs now split into progressively smaller Krugs as you kill them. They're really quite persistent.


The only really big mastery change hits the Resolve tree, but there are a bunch more adjustments in the works! Be sure to check the Patch Notes when pre-season drops for all the juicy details.

Resolve Keystone Masteries

Courage of the Colossus


Gain a shield when you inflict hard crowd control on an enemy.

Strength of the Ages


Lost to the ages.


When it comes to defense and utility, Aegis of the Legion's aura was second to none—to the extent that it became a must-buy for any support. We're removing the aura and adding new items which offer more active ways of supporting your team.

Aegis of
the Legion

No longer grants a magic resist aura.

  • + Health
  • + Health Regen
  • + Magic Resist

Knight's Vow


We've got each others' backs.

  • + Health
  • + Health Regen
  • + Armor
  • Passive: Designate an allied champion as your partner. Gain armor and movement speed when near your partner, redirect a portion of their damage taken to yourself, and heal for a portion of their damage dealt.



To save and destroy.

  • + Health
  • + Health Regen
  • + Mana
  • + Cooldown Reduction
  • Passive: + Heal and Shield power
  • Active: After a brief delay, allies in the area are healed while enemies are damaged. Can be cast while dead.

Champion Mastery

Every ranked season, you can earn one free Hextech chest per champion. If you or a premade ally get an S- or better grade—and you haven’t already gotten a chest for the champ you were playing—you get a chest! Score big across a wide variety of champs and you can earn up to 52 free chests per year.

With the start of the 2017 ranked season, you’ll be able to re-earn your one free Hextech chest per champion.

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